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Android mobile application and Now on IOS

When the day gets busy, error and omissions in job requests are the last thing you need. Using mobile computers and the Envoy application, job information can be exchanged quickly and precisely - leading to improvements in operator and driver performance.

A mobile computer solution from Talcasoft and Gofer provides:

  • Instant job transmission, with no chance for human error. The job details included on mobile computer screens are an exact copy of details available to the operator. Special instructions and communications between driver and operator are logged for future reference.
  • The Driver is not distracted by new jobs, and does not need to stop to copy down information on jobs.
  • The Talcasoft Gofer network can dispatch jobs to anywhere in Australia where GRPS coverage is available.

With Gofer, proof of delivery and proof of pickup information is propagated within seconds to customer service operators and customers. Each completed job includes an accurate pickup time, delivery time, and the name and signature of the person that accepted the delivery. Instant proof of delivery notifications and daily reports - with signatures - can be sent to customers via e-mail, downloaded from a website, faxed, or prints for posting.

Names, signatures, and parcel information can also be collected for multiple drops and permanent runs; even if a customer is paying an hourly rate under a single job number.

Gofer for Android Smartphones adds numerous Gofer features to any phone running Android 4.0 (practically all Smartphones currently marketed). It provides:

  • Driver sign on, sign off and break recording.
  • Real time reception of jobs from Avance.
  • Real time pick up, delivery and proof of delivery updates sent to Avance.
  • Real time GPS tracking using the GPS hardware available on almost all Android Smartphones.
  • Integrated two way messaging with dispatchers.
  • High quality vector signatures for phones with an active stylus (such as the Samsung Note range).
  • Integration with Google Maps to provide pick up and delivery address lookup, turn by turn navigation and Street View, where supported.
  • Scanning QR codes
  • Driver delivery ordering
  • Adding incident reports with Photos
  • Accept photos as POD.
  • Route optimisation through Google API's
  • Proximity customer notifications can be setup utilising GPS coordinates triggering an autmatic email and or SMS notification to the customer.
  • Multiple configurations to work with different modules like Haulage, Bulk Chemical or the Air Waybills module.
  • Many notifications to choose from that can be automatically sent to the customer via email or SMS.

Air Waybill Module

Manage your Airway Bill work. Using a PDA, drivers arriving at the CTO have a list of expected Airway Bills to perform work on as well as being able to add ad hoc airway bills. Airway bill work records timestamps on the airway bill activity enabling you to keep your customer informed about progress and delays.

Using the Gofer to create runs, it automatically updates the customer web site with the current status of the Air Waywill.

Customer run sheets are sent automatically to the customer upon completion of the run. The run sheets contain a number timestamps for the Air Waybill that include:

  • Arrive at CTO
  • Lodge Air Waybills
  • Loading
  • Finished Loading
  • Arrive at Customer
  • Record damage and incidents as well as Customs issues.

Supported Modules

  • Haulage - bulk transport
  • Air Waybills - import and export runs
  • Tankers / Chemical - bulk transport or chemical products