Talcasoft Meridian integrates with our transport packages to provide accurate, real-time location tracking of vehicles and other assets. Each vehicle is fitted with a compact vehicle tracking module, which communicates with the Talcasoft Gateway using low-cost packet switched mobile telephone networks. Vehicle position updates can be recorded as often as 10 seconds, providing turn-by-turn and street-by-street detail of vehicle activities.

Vehicle tracking information can be displayed either on detailed state-wide or national maps, or printed in summary reports for quick analysis or record-keeping.

Private Network Security

The Talcasoft Gateway is a fully managed private network over the mobile telephone network; the only ongoing cost is a single monthly access fee which can include: private network set up charges, communications server maintenance, traffic charges and all other costs normally associated with a mobile virtual private network. Alternatively, you can negotiate wih your communications carrier directly for connection charges and still use our managed communications server.

Painless Complaint Resolution

Meridian does more than help manage your fleet. Customer queries can be answered more accurately without needing to contact drivers. If your charging is based on distance and time, Meridian can keep a continuous record of arrival times, departures, and any delays. Customer complaints are easily dealt with using the reporting capability of Meridian.

Meridian can be installed on any Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista computer that has access to the internet. The server that Meridian is stored on will connect to the communications server over the internet and does not require any special hardware or software. Additional workstation licenses can also be purchased to give other computers on your network full access to the tracking system.

The journey panel shows the times during the day the vehicle was driven, stopped and parked. Each line shows a specific journey or stop. The times shown against each line are recorded from atomic clocks used in the global positioning system (GPS) satellites. The distance traveled and the starting and finishing streets and suburbs are also shown. The various parts of the screen can also be customised to suit the way you operate; Extra columns can be added to the journey list. For example if you require map references for insurance reports you can add them to the journey list. The list can also be sorted on any column, or filtered to only show some details.

The tracking hardware used by Meridian records positions every ten seconds, showing every turn and stop. The tracking hardware carefully packs the data to give highly detail information at low cost; also, if your operations require more detail, positions can be recorded even more frequently.

Move Easily Through Time and Space

While the map window shows what happened over the ground, the speed profile window shows what happen over time. The speed of the vehicle is plotted every ten seconds letting you check for speeding, short stops and driving behavior. Clicking on the speed profile shows where the vehicle was speeding or stopped; the journey can even be animated.

Reports can be produced for printing or e-mailing, with details from one or more vehicles and for any time period. The report can also be restricted to periods when the vehicles was driving, stopped or parked.

For a demonstration or more information on any of our products, please contact our sales staff on (02) 8765 0688.

Tailored and Fully Custom Software
Talcasoft also has a range of products that are tailored to specific business requirements before deployment or have been custom built using the Talcasoft application and communications frameworks. For details and pricing, please contact our sales staff.