Avance was originally designed for local transport and later integrated with the communication module called LinkPlus, allowing data transfer between the base and driver(s) in real time. The communication module is now part of the basic system in conjuction with the phone application called Gofer. For more information on Avance click here.

Since then Avance has grown to include multiple modules such as the ones below. Avance now caters for Freight, Air Frieight, Chemical/Tankers and Haulage.

Air Waybills Module

Manage your Air Waybill work. Using a PDA, drivers arriving at the CTO have a list of expected air waybills to perform work on as well as being able to add ad hoc air waybills. Air waybill work records timestamps on the airway bill activity enabling you to keep your customer informed about progress and delays.

Using the Android APP to create runs and automatically update the customer web site with the current status of the Air Waybill.

Customer run sheets are sent automatically to the customer upon completion of the run. The run sheets contain a number timestamps for the Air Waybill that include:

  • Arrive at CTO
  • Lodge Air Waybills
  • Loading
  • Finished Loading
  • Arrive at Customer
  • Record damage and incidents as well as Customs issues.

Haulage Module

This module handles orders for the bulk delivery of products such as sand and gravel. Orders remain active over multiple deliveries until they are fulfilled.

Avance haulage is quote, schedule,booking and dispatch system as well as much more.

The scheduling allows to prepare the day weeks a ahead with out actually allocating the job to the driver.

Other features are:

  • Mobile data, allowed real time information.
  • GPS live tracking
  • Easy invoice customers
  • Task manager

More information on the Haulage module can be found here.

Chemicals/Tanker Module

Build a run for your tankers, loading jobs until the tanker is full. This module handles multiple products and allows you to charge transport costs to a third party account. The driver’s PDA shows quantities and products to be delivered at each stop on the run, and records the actual amount loaded into the delivery tanks.

This module is allowed to handle vendors and purchasing customers with easy customization of products and customers tanks size in the field.You can create trucks and customize the number of tanks.

The booking form allows for the entering of chemical products including display of a product list attached to the customer.

Other fearures include:

  • Work with runs schedules in the allocation screen.
  • The driver will receive the job through Gofer android app.
  • Synchronise product information with Gofer.
  • Avance Basic As few as 4 vehicles.
  • Avance Elements Typically 10 or more vehicles, using one or two optional modules.
  • Avance Transport Companies using multiple Avance modules, web services and online booking.
  • Avance Distribution Companies using most of the Avance modules, including warehouse management.